“Great architecture is achieved through a clever imagination, an understanding of proportion and an intuitive sense of design. Once the design is established, the technical aspects of building the design come into play.” 

The firm’s approach to architecture begins with a synthesis of many factors: the features of the site including topography, surrounding landscape, Dean Meredith’s instinctive sense of creative design, and of course the clients’ desires.

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The firm’s focus is on architecture as an ”art form” – blending each structure carefully like a tapestry into the land, while in complete harmony with nature and the environment.

Every design project
is personalized by
the client’s unique ideas
and preferences. Each design project
is approached with the same intense
passion for design excellence that has
made Dean Meredith an award-winning
architect and trusted adviser to his clients.

That process involves the following steps:

  • Understanding the clients’ vision, budget, and preferences to create a uniquely personal environment
  • Preparing the Site Plan and Building Design (exterior and interior)
  • Taking the Project through Design Review Boards and/or Art Juries to gain approvals
  • Preparing Technical Drawings and Specifications to build the Project
  • Submitting the Technical Drawings and Specifications to the Building Department to obtain building permits
  • Submitting the Technical Drawings and Specifications to Contractors to determine construction costs
  • Assisting the client in selecting a Builder and negotiating construction costs
  • Overseeing onsite construction to verify the Contractor is building the Project according to the Technical Drawings and Specifications

The entire design process involves lacing exterior building design forms with those of the interior.  Deans work is completed without compromising the integrity of the project and ultimately sculpting a personalized “work of art” for each client.